Karolina Malinowska


Nardi Realty

3400 Tamiami Trail N, Suite 103, Naples, FL 34103

Licensed Sales Associate and REALTOR®

About Karolina

Originally from Poland, Karolina moved to Philadelphia as a young adult where she saw her mother struggle with a realtor that valued profit over people. That realtor failed to listen to the client, causing a stressful experience for Karolina and her family. She was quickly inspired to pursue a career in real estate and property management.

Karolina worked for the labor department in Poland prior to moving to the States and saw real estate as an opportunity to further pursue her passion for helping others. 

“I love working with people and helping them during such an important time in their lives. Not many realtors or property managers listen to their client and are more focused on their own income potential,” says Karolina. “It’s great working with new people every day and finding out about their stories, especially here in Naples where there’s so many international clients with different cultural backgrounds, various lifestyles, experiences, and interests.”

Some of her key insights for buyers, sellers and renters in the current market includes being patient and taking time with your decisions. Focus on your best features, like a great credit score or willingness for long term rental, and emphasize these attributes whenever possible.

To others aspiring for a similar career, Karolina says this: “Real estate and property management can be demanding careers. It is not always easy to balance work and life with multiple clients moving in and out each month, short property turnover times, and after-hours maintenance calls. You have to build good relationships with your teammates and vendors. Be sure to listen to others because relationships are key, whether it’s with clients, vendors, or other members of your team. A great team, like ours at Nardi Realty Team One Source, is your support and strength. Be patient with the process and take one day and one task at a time.”